About us

Why we’re different – Offering the truly bespoke nanny solution.

St. Andrew’s Nannies offers a highly personalised and refreshing approach to solving your childcare needs. We recognise that every family and every child is different, and as such we build strong relationships with our clients and work closely with parents to gain an in-depth understanding of your family’s detailed and specific childcare needs. Our approach is simple, friendly and uncomplicated. We spend time in getting to know you and take great care in ensuring that we only introduce the highest calibre nannies that will provide the care, encouragement and educational support your children merit.

St. Andrew’s Nannies provide vigilant and thorough vetting of all our nannies. We don’t take short cuts when it comes to the safety and security of your family. We are aware that there are many mediums in the public domain that will enable you to conduct your own search for childcare but believe that this can be a gamble for parent’s and nannies and can ultimately prove to be very time consuming and may carry risk. Our philosophy advocates an efficient and unequivocally detailed and exhaustive vetting of our nannies and an unrivalled matching service commensurate with your family’s unique requirements. Ultimately, your childcare concerns become ours and we work closely with you to ensure positive, long-term and happy solutions!