St. Andrew’s Nannies recognise that family life comes in various forms, and we embrace and celebrate diversity.  Every family is unique, and our dedicated team are focused on finding exactly the right childcare for your family.  We work side-by-side with you to ensure the process is fast, efficient and as stress-free as possible.

We can support your family with a wide range of childcare options in your home.  We are dedicated to ensuring that all nannies we introduce have the skills, experience, qualifications and character that you demand for your children.  We endeavour to truly understand and get to know all of our nannies to ensure we offer an accurate and detailed personal introduction in line with your nanny requirements.  Our stringent registration process ensures that all nannies are interviewed IN PERSON and IN DEPTH, and this enables us to get an accurate and individual assessment of our nannies on both a professional and personal level.  Ultimately, we recognise that a nanny will become an integral part of your family, so the relationship they build with you and your children is of paramount importance.  A happy nanny is a loyal, long-term and essential support for working parents!