Every child is special and unique, and finding the perfect nanny might seem like a daunting task. At St Andrew’s Nannies we recognise that every family and every child is different, and as such we build strong relationships with our clients and work closely with parents to gain an in-depth understanding of your family’s detailed and specific childcare needs.

What makes a great nanny?

As you imagine inviting a new person into your home to care for your child, we thought we’d inspire and encourage you with a list of ten key characteristics that any great nanny is sure to have:

  1. A great nanny will love being a nanny. Nannies will enjoy the company of children and will work hard to inspire and support those in their care.
  2. A great nanny understands child development. Nannies are responsible for helping children flourish into well-rounded individuals, which requires an understanding of the behaviour and interests pertaining to children as they develop and change in childhood.
  3. A great nanny has lots of energy. Engaging with children takes spirit and enthusiasm!
  4. A great nanny is organised. Not only do nannies look after and care for children but have various household tasks to complete. The ability to plan and organise is crucial.
  5. A great nanny thinks on her feet. Life with children is often unpredictable and nannies will need to take initiative; adapt plans and schedules at the drop of a hat. This usually requires calm and creativity – whether it’s the paint running out at home mid-project or there’s a medical emergency and a child is whisked to A&E.
  6. A great nanny is trustworthy. Nannies who can be trusted will have long, happy working relationships with the families who employ them.
  7. A great nanny is reliable. Mums and dads count on nannies to look after their children well – reliability is a crucial characteristic when it comes to child care.
  8. A great nanny communicates well. In order to good relationships with parents and children, nannies need to be able to communicate well.
  9. A great nanny is a good listener. Understanding the needs of a family (of a particular child and his/her parents) will require objective observation and listening (more than talking).
  10. A great nanny is first aid trained. Parents will feel hugely relieved if they know that they are leaving their children in the care of someone who knows what to do in the case of a medical emergency.

Trust your instinct when it comes to choosing someone to look after your children and always be clear about what you expect from your nanny. This will make for a happy working relationship!

This list was inspired by Morningsidenannies.com.

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