Oh autumn! A softer sun that demands layers of clothing, making any activity that requires walking through the front door an all-out military campaign as gloves, hats, coats and appropriate shoes (always requiring some sort of justification to a three-year old still holding on to summer) are instated in defence against the season’s chill.

Parenting in autumn

It’s easy to yearn for the simpler days of summer, when it only took two items of clothing to be dressed and routines flexed in unison with the longer days. But autumn is a special time…there’s something magical about the transitional character of the season, which is enveloped by warm colours and unexpected moments.

What makes parenting in autumn so unique? Piles of leaves, for one. Is there anything more beautiful than family walks in the wood – discovering heaps of delicious autumn leaves – for throwing, falling into, inspecting, collecting.

There’s also warm dinners – barbecues, salads and watermelon make way for heart-warming stews and soups. Cosy pub lunches and roast dinners take on a whole new meaning in autumn.

Putting children to bed when it’s actually dark is a joy that has no rival – there’s no “but the sun is still up so why can’t we play outside?” debate – it’s dark, it’s time to sleep. That’s all.

And when the day is done and the children are snuggled in their beds, nurtured to sleep by the dark and the impending cold, mums and dads take refuge in the depths of a comfortable couch and a book, TV show or conversation – without feeling guilty about missing out on the good weather happening outside.

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